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The lesser said, the better, where Natasha’s outfit is concerned. But, how great is the yellow on Dia?

Dia Mirza


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  1. DM looks like a mermaid.. but the detail doesnt seem to gel with the gown.. the gowns cut is loovely..
    Natashas tailor didnt have time to finish it..haha

  2. While Dia’s dress certainly looks better on her, it’s not saying much. I don’t like the design at the top, it makes her upper body look angular and flat. Natasha’s outfit is ghastly! What a comedown from her earlier IIFA picture!

    Speaking of which you *must* post the most recent Abhiwarya IIFA picture where she is wearing a strange, ill fitting red dress. Another comedown like Natasha!

  3. Dia’s is lookin stunnin….i think i saw the same gown on someone before on hollywood celeb they had in black in white….i think.still its very formal n elegant.

  4. OMG i have never seen Dia look so gorgeous! i generally don’t like her much and find her too annoyingly sweet…but here,…OMG!

  5. @surbhi..ahahaha, love the comment about the tailor. Natashha looks ghastly.

    and when i read “the less said the better” and i saw Dia’s photo i was like, “but this is awesome!” then continued readin it and it was about Natassha! hehehe

    Dia looks awesome

  6. Diya Mirza is looking smokin’ these days!
    Natasha Khan not so much. Did a kid tear off a floral patch of her dress to complete that art project?

  7. You should post pictures of Dia from behind as well. The dress is backless with thin straps and looks amazing. I like the idea behind Natasha’s dress but dont like the way it is cut. It wouldve looked better if the dress had a baby doll cut.

  8. Natasha’s dress is ugly, a plain color or huge block printed fabric n bright hues of violet wud hv lukd nice wid dis etyle even peacock tones but most importantly we need a WAIST and not two parallel lines to carry it off!


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