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Huma attended an OTT channel’s relaunch party wearing a pleated wrap dress from Zwaan with gold earrings and gold sandals. A red lip finished out her look. She looked good!

On an aside, when did extra-long stiletto nails become a trend? Am I the only one who is creeped out by such nails?

Huma Qureshi

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. You mean in India wrt looong nails? I always thought it was a staple with most US based influencers. They even have asmr videos with those nails. Always wonder how they even get work done or go about their daily routine with those nails. What if you accidentally poke yourself in the eye or scratch your face during makeup and skincare ( watch some of the Vogue GRWM or Beauty Secrets videos ). And the amount of stuff which gets accumulated in it… Beats me why it’s a trend

    • I have square clipped nails down to my fingers and a manicure lasts me a week tops because my nails are like “now’s the time to chip on every surface we touch, yay!” So while I think long nails are ugly, I’m curious how they do anything with them, not to mention if they have a second job to afford frequent nail salon visits.

  2. it’s a great silhouette on her, makes the most of her curves, shows the right amount of leg to balance out all the fabric

  3. Those ain’t nails. Those are talons. Literally! Have no clue why people put themselves in uncomfortable conditions in the name of fashion. You can’t pick up something or even open a bottle with such nails around.

    The color looks good on Huma. The dress, not so much.

  4. No you aren’t the only one ….. this nail trend totally creeps me out . Gone are the days of short length , neat manicured nails with normal polish . Sigh
    And don’t even get me started on weird nail art with things hanging off and glued on . Ugh

  5. Funny how Kareena always rocked those long nails and noone seemed to notice or comment but when others do it it is a problem


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