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Huma’s latest appearances have seen her in outfits with waist cutouts and while she was successful in a few of those looks (the red and the shimmery blue), some looks were big failures. That graphic print dress itself was terrible.

Which ones were your favs?

Huma Qureshi

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She looks great in the pleated blue-purple dress.

    The red fares okay too.

    The printed dress would have looked great without the cuout and ruching.

    The placement of cutouts on the black isn’t flattering

  2. I actually quite like the graphic print. If not for the awkward cut out and the tie- string, it would have made for an impactful body con dress.

    Sigh. When will designers cut off these cut outs. It’s ridiculous.

  3. I think all three are bad looks. The fabrics look cheap, the outfits are badly over-designed, and don’t fit well.

    I don’t get it – Huma is an objectively beautiful woman. So what if she’s cast in a different mould from the ‘standard Bollywood actress template’? Most of the population doesn’t look like the typical movie star anyway, yet we see SO many well turned out women from all spheres and walks of life, all sizes, all heights. Why is Huma’s stylist finding it so consistently difficult to find her well-cut, well-fitting, well-made clothes to wear? They have no business holding down the stylist job if they can’t do something so basic.

  4. Just commenting on the styles, not the material or how Huma looks. What’s with these cutouts on the dress – all of them either have one either at the waist or near the chest area or the back. Is this a new trend. And looks like it’s here to stay. I hope it goes away soon.


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