How Not To Wear It!

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Where do we start with how many things Yukta has gone wrong with?

An overdose of prints. Check!
Cropped Pants with short boots. Check!
Furry ugly jacket that PETA should confiscate. Check!
Too much color coordination yet again. Check!

Yukta needs to take a few lessons from these pretty ladies who know how to wear their cropped pants!

The best part of cropped pants are that you really can wear them all year round depending on the footwear. In summer, you pair em with sandals or flat. In winters, wear them with knee high boots. You definitely wanna make sure though when wearing boots is that the hemline of the pants fall over the boots. There shouldn’t be any skin showing. That is a big no-no! If the boots fall a little short, cover up with opaque tights. That way you don’t break the flow and that also makes you appear taller!

So now you know how not to wear it. Hopefully, Yukta one day learns how not to too!

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  1. oh god…a plain top and sum sexy stilettos wud have been hundred times better than this…n wats wid the sleeve length on her furry jacket….

    its like she has outgrown her jacket frm wen she was a kid

  2. the sad part is that the woman obviously takes the time to put these outfits together and accessorize.
    she just cant co ordinate to save her life. and even individually most of the pieces are tacky. simply bad taste i guess.


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