1. Not just the gown but this kind of material has also been done to death in every bazaar ! Theres no novelty but for her debut she did well.

  2. Not bad at all! She works it. Just feeling that there is something missing which makes this look feel bare – maybe a bracelet?

  3. Here we go again! The House of Flying Daggers and Zhang Ziyi’s assassinating and drum beating sleeves. It is like these sleeves were made to whip the paps into shape and tell em to get a great shot. Also, something not for Cannes – Melita Toscan (who was interviewed on Film Companion and featured on HHC in Sabyasachi) spoke about how the festival frowns upon such actors who dress OTT, her words – “This is not the Met Gala”. The idea here is to be sophisticated – read European chique. And this from an insider, 30 year veteran and director of the Marrakech International Film Festival.

    • True… cannes is elegance. It used to be a place where you’d witness finesse of the international fashion.. mostly European. I wish that’s how most award fares would be. The theatrical costumes are very awkward for award ceremonies.

  4. Agree with Payal n Liaa. She carried the gown well but her expressions were hilarious. There were some close-up shots on insta and don’t know what she was thing while giving those expressions!

  5. What / who is she representing at Cannes?
    Safe and kinda boring but will take this over over the top stuff we’ve seen others do in name of fashion at Cannes.

  6. Couldn’t say if it’s been done to death or not, because I’m pretty much fashion-illiterate, but I’d say she dazzled here. You wouldn’t think it’s her first time on this stage. She brings a certain spark and personality. Alas, the same can’t be said about the many a legged beauty that attend the same festival year on year.

  7. Great choice… it may be familiar, but it is on point for Cannes. She’s definitely not playing it safe – but she isn’t being too experimental either.
    It’s a great outfit for a Cannes redcarpet debut.
    (BTW, don’t watch TV – have no idea what kind of serials/movies she is in!)

  8. Don’t know exactly what Hina is representing there but came here to say that she outdid Bolly sweethearts Deepika, PC and Kangana on day 1. She mixed elegant with siren and it worked. The makeup hair are also top notch. No two ways about it.

  9. People go ga ga over the Cannes looks of Deepika, Aish, Sonam and other stars. I don’t see anything odd about her looks in Cannes ‘ a debutante’. If you look at those videos of her in Cannes , she has carried herself well. Confident and poised! What’s wrong in her wanting to look like a diva and rocking the red carpet! I can’t help but remember how Katrina Kaif was at Cannes. Though she looked gorgeous, I thought she looked nervous. I’m overall happy that our people own the red carpet be it tv or film stars


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