Update: New Features!


We finally decided to catch up with new technology and have created ourselves a Twitter account! If you are a Twitter bug, follow us here.

Or, just search for HHCGuiltFree on Twitter.com.

The Directory
We get a lot of questions about where a designer sells from. Also, whether they sell online.

We started the ‘Shop’ tab a while ago, but in our quest to make information easily available to you, we are adding a brand new tab called ‘The Directory’. On this page you will find a list of designers. Select a designer and it will take you to their personal page with all the information about where they sell at in India and Abroad. We are starting with the most asked about, but will gradually add more.

Check out ‘The Directory’ here or by clicking on the tab above.

As always, if you think we can do better with ‘The Directory’ or anything else, let us know via email!


  1. OMG!!! this is crazy….I just randomly joined twitter literally the day before and really had no idea whom to follow(I picked Ashton Kutcher and Kourtney Kardashian..lol) …but thats not a problem anymore..I have you guys to stalk now…hahahha
    :) :)


  2. P&P, thanks so much for the directory!! I’m going to get myself some Sabyasachi and S&N the next time I’m in India. I love you guys!! I’ve introduced your website to all my fellow desi female classmates at B-school!


  3. awesome!
    i joined twitter coz of u guys now…however, like K, i dont get the point. facebook is so much cooler! LoL

    directory is heaps cool…but such a pity that designers will have shops open at the most random of countries…read:RUSSIA…however, not one has anything to do with AUS!!! LoL

    such a pity i never buy online.




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