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I have always secretly hoped to make it to High Heel Confidential. But I have also always secretly suspected that I was going to be under the WTHeyyy! section. (Let’s just say I am very relieved I am not.)

So now that we are finally meeting on this page, it’s safe to assume that we all have one thing in common — our idea of a guilt-free fashion fix.

Probably like you, I am also a vintage member here. My fix addiction goes way back to 2008 and my discovery of HHC came through a referral. (Blogs were not as commonplace those days and celebrity fashion disasters weren’t national concern. Remember that time?) HHC was newly born and my cousin who went to school with Priyanka kept on about her best friend’s new blog. “We should check it out.”
One morning we googled it. And I was hooked.

Over the next couple of years, the blog kept booming. P&P were getting featured in the glossy power lists. And I was getting the swollen head. You know, by association.

I have been privy to very important conversations in the past. For instance, during a dinner with Designer Y, leading Actress X who got dressed by him for an important event made it to the pages of HHC. The moment of truth. Actress X calls Designer Y to discuss the HHC verdict. I am eavesdropping. X & Y talk about the comments, the photos, everything. Since she got great reviews — both neck up and down — X & Y are elated. I get very excited. You know, by association. (Bonus, I get to find out the name of X’s signature smokey eye shadow.)

This blog has been so many things to me in the different moments of my life. As a fashion editor in India, every time I felt the need to decompress I’d open up High Heel Confidential to see what the film industry wore the previous night and engage with the posts and comments. We know it’s no exaggeration when people say celebrity outings set more trends — and sell more things — than fashion week showings in India.

When I moved to the US two years ago, I started checking the blog on my phone 3 times a day. Maybe this was my way of keeping in touch. I was homesick. And High Heel Confidential provided that comfort of home. I liked seeing those familiar faces wearing clothes created by my friends.

Though I definitely feel more settled and less homesick now, the visits to the blog are just as frequent. It keeps me current. I might also have massive FOMO — maybe I need to know who Bebo’s bump is wearing as soon as they step out of the door. I can never imagine not knowing what’s happening back in India. So what if that news is routed through Texas.

Shradha Agarwal is a San Francisco-based fashion writer. Her work has been published in The Telegraph, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar India. When she’s not gasping in disbelief at the similarities between Mindy Lahiri and her, she can be found at happy hour. Follow her on Instagram here.

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  1. Lol how long were you eavesdropping on this X and Y’s private conversation???
    Or this was a lame attempt to show your connections?
    Agreed it’s their blog but P n P owe us an explanation why include her testimony??what makes her special?is she joining hhc team like the intern??

  2. Err I think everyone of us are very much addicted to HHc like her ! The reason why the comments are so rude and in the negative light I guess 😛

  3. Oh wow. These comments are super nasty.
    Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to see this post. I find the blog a huge stress buster. It’s nice sometimes to stare at pretty people wearing pretty things.

  4. LOVED the post P&P! & iam glad i missed the mean girls out in the comment section. This was a wonderful read, thanks for introducing us to Shradha, & i agree! Hooked to HHC, i can never stray for long 🙂


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