High Heel Baby?

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Nope, we aren’t kidding around. Heelarious is a range of high-heeled crib shoes for babies 0-6 months. The shoes are not meant for walking but only for ‘fun factor’ and while we loved the Mary Jane (seen below), the other’s weren’t too impressive.

But, the question is, would you buy one for your baby girl? Get her a head start on her shoe fetish, perhaps? ;)


For more on Heelarious, go here.


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  1. No way!

    Even though marriage and kids are like years away, so maybe too early to comment. lol

    but i would never. it’s almost as bad as the push up bras for 3 yr olds.
    geez, commercialisation

  2. Well , dis just reminds of Marie Anotinette’s era in France, whr thr was nt concept of kids but simply little people who were dressed in corsets like adults, so well it is a big no no for me, i wud let my kid b a kid, whnevr dat happns~ wid cute lil kiddie shoes :-P

  3. No way!! Not for my baby – whenever that happens. She could potter around in mine, for a while… but her own high heels? Not till her teens!


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