On And Off The Runway

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Clearly, the ‘off-runway’ look isn’t really doing anything for her…

At HDIL Couture Week, Off The Runway
At HDIL Couture Week, On The Ritu Kumar Runway

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  1. How did she become a tub of lard overnight?! I’ve never seen this girl become this fat! Very surprised!

    she looks bad on and off the runaway. Nothing is concealing her fat, neither the indian outfit nor the all black whatever.

  2. She is Bengali and is growing old. That Bengali hip is showing!! She is also into alcohol?? Her mom Moonmoon has alcohol issues too…I rem she came to host some stage show in London (some 10 yrs back) completely drunk!!

  3. Alcohol abuse is in the the genes…her departed paternal grandmother was a drunk, her father and her mother are always on or off the wagon…poor thing is all I can say!

  4. she’s my batch – but Cal schooling – so that would make her a year older – abt 31.

    that said – she’s always had a bit of a struggle with her weight. both sisters. i remember having to shoot with them and they both insisted we use the pics that didnt show them waist down


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