Twinkle In Nicole Miller

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Love the color on her and she looks great, but the silhouette is now beginning to feel a bit repetitive on her…



Left: Twinkle Khanna At HDIL Couture Week
Right: Buy Nicole Miller V-Neck Stretch Satin Sheath


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  1. I like the fact that most of the dresses she wears are pretty cheap and affordable for normal folks too.

    The dress is nice but her face looks so haggard these days. I saw some close-ups and she was looking like a nightmare.

  2. OMIGOD!! She looks AMAZING!! I mean that, no exaggeration whatsoever. I love her choice of clothes and colors.

    And Kareena, I agree! haha the moment I saw this, I thought that she could be the perfect Rachel in Indian version of Friends! :o)

  3. agree with TINA !

    She used to be so CUTE and Pretty … still remember her ‘Barsaat’ face …she is still quite Young too …. then , whats up with her Face ?

    Love her style though… very dignified and understated !

  4. is it mee.. or doesn’t she have few other dresses like this..

    anyhow. .. i happen to see one of her interviews at HDIL.. she said.. oh i am not into fashion & style.. . i just came to unwind you know..

    whatever…………meaning.. i just wake up looking like well put together

  5. i tnk its no crime to wear wht looks gud on you and someting tht suits your body again n again instead of wearing the wrong cuts and get trashed …btw she looks adorable and she is one of the few wh seem to be comfortabl in their skin andis nota show off……

  6. If you look at a list of the most stylish ladies in the world, you will notice that they have a basic format. I’m not suggesting Twinkle is a part of that list but she certainly knows what kind of clothes work for her and sticks to it. Nothing wrong with that.

  7. Also this color reminds me somewhat of the color that Cynthia Nixon wore to the Emmy’s this year (totally different material and dress)…but the color completely washed her out IMO…Twinkle just rocks this color!

  8. i think the dress is a lil too tight for her, it sits perfectly on the model.. but Twinky still looks great.. i agree with PnP too that the styles are getting to be the same.

  9. someone probably told Twinkle that she looks good (kinda like how a lot of ppl on this site and the blog owner(s) go ga ga over her) in a variation of this dress, then Twinkle decided to go buy herself 500 variations of the same dress for some sure shot compliments..

    MEH is all i can think of when i see her pictures

  10. She is getting gorgeous by the day; I didnt like her at all in the Barsaat and Mela days.. she has transformed herself in to this really classy chic..

  11. Nik/Mrs. Ackles….you need to get over your obsession with Aishwarya and Urvashi and start giving objective complements to people who actually deserve it. Your comments are really subjective and very biased.

    Twinkle looks good. She is one classy super chic star wife……but then so is her mom… I’m not surprised!


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