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We caught multiple sightings of Harshvardhan Kapoor, as part of promotions for his upcoming movie, Mirzya.

He paired his Lecoanet & Hemant suit, with a Brooks Brothers shirt and Nike sneakers, for an event. And just like the last appearance, the shoes were a downer. Also, that shirt just didn’t belong with the quirky suit.

Catch more of his looks inside.


Harshvardhan Kapoor At Mirzya Promotions


Harshvardhan Kapoor At Mirzya Promotions

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Its better not to say anything about his suit look. Commenting about that look is jst waste of my time.
    2nd look is better of all 3.
    By seeing 3rd look, I think he lost his comb.

  2. What is happening here. Is there someone actually getting paid to style this guy? All the looks are off and I hope someone tells him expressions go a long way. For an industry that [is supposed to at least] consists of careers based on emoting and expressions it wouldn’t hurt to give the camera some love even off screen.

  3. Are you sure the last two are promo tours? I mean no one can be this don’t carish. He’s not doing us a favour by doing a movie. Work it, man! This really irritates me. If you can’t even appear to be making an effort, why would I pay my good money to watch you — star son or not.

  4. That suit look is ridiculous. The shirt, the print, the color, the shoes – everything is awful. And what is with buttoning only a part of the jacket – either button up both the buttons or not at all. This forced quirky dressing is not working on him – at all!!

  5. Who is Harsh’s stylist for thus movie? These looks are totally lack lustre. Quirky cool/ath-leisure – whatever they’re going for, it’s not working.

  6. Omg.!! Was he serious wearing those shoes with the suit. Even if it was for comfort it’s still not an excuse.. it’s just too out of place.
    That suit is not great to start with and that shirt with it all tucked out.!! All sort of wrong…

  7. he has no x factor, no appeal in him
    some people, his father for example can wear a sack and make it work.
    He seems super disinterested, no charishma, super bored in everything.

    Why do they come to do movies if they do not even want to try a bit?


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