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Someone really upped the ante and we like! Almost made us forget his disaster from the ‘Drona’ premiere!

(Except, how do we permanently erase the memories of THE movie though! His movie, in this case!)


Left: Harman Baweja At ‘Drona’ Premiere
Right: Harman Baweja At Triumph Lingerie Show

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I am a traditionalist in that I prefer the tuxedo jacket to be with a tuxedo trouser and not with jeans – now if he had the whole ensemble with a bowtie at a blacktie event, that would have been upping the ante – this is not.

  2. yeah, he looks okay….he does resemble hrithik roshan a lot but i wish he wudnt voluntarily copy him so much in terms of carriage and attitude.

  3. @pdaervo – Looks like velvet to me..which is even worse! And the ugly 2-toned shoes…
    Somehow, I don’t find this guy attractive at all….

  4. I am not a big fan of the pointy shoes! especially with some patent on it!
    and actually i really liked the movie! he was really good in it.

  5. Harman is a good looking guy. He looks alright in the black.

    Only two problems:
    1.) He strikes me as not very confident from his pictures and in interviews I’ve seen on TV. Confidence is sexy… up that.

    2.) His hairstyle! It’s so laloo-panju bihari babu type… lol

  6. i liked the fact that he’s cleaned up a bit! He’s learning! 😀

    @Anon, I know! that’s what i was wondering! And yes it is. LoL Hi5!


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