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Trust Ms. Panag to pull off a wedding without the media even getting a whiff of it. The actress tied the knot with beau Rishi Attari in Panchkula on Sunday. Gul looked adorable in the pink JJ Valaya.

Our best wishes to the couple!

Gul Panag and Rishi Attari At Their Wedding

Photo Credit: Imtiyaz Khan/Mid-day

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  1. Now that’s how to get married! She looks like she’s having so much fun- and looking great while at it too! They make a handsome couple.

  2. For once she looks great!! Most well dressed women come up with duds for their weddings but this is the other way around. Simply beautiful!

  3. The prettiest bride ever, she looks beauuuutiful and might I add Mr. Attari looks quite dapper too!

    All the best and happiness n smiles to them always .. xx

  4. This is awesome!!!
    OMG I want!!

    *starts preparing for her future wedding*…they do say the early bird gets the worm 😉 lol

    but omg, she looks sooooo good! they make such an awesome couple!
    and love how the sarvalla is sitting on the bike too. hehe love love love!

  5. She looks great! These are probably the best and most fun celebrity wedding photos I’ve seen. Congratulations to the happy couple.

  6. At first I thought it was a upcoming movie poster. Seems like such a fun wedding! Both of them look fab! Congratulations to the couple.

  7. It happened in my city, Panchkula! 😀
    and how cool does she look in the first picture.. That’s how you should wed, just the way you like it! (:

  8. She looks oh-so-adorable! And the first pic looks oh-such-a-punjabi-wedding! Full of fun and laughter!

    I remember her saying in one of the interviews that stars always have the option of hiding their private life and she didnt believe people who make claims of “media intrusion” and “invasion of privacy”. When questioned by Barkha Dutt she replied “Well the media hasnt any idea if I am dating someone right now”, so I thought then that she would pull off something like this! 🙂

    Best wishes to the couple!

  9. Both the pics look like stills out of a movie :). You cant help but smile looking at the pics. She looks great – and they look like they are having a blast!

  10. Great Going for this Punjabi Kudi.
    The Enfield and Aviators combintaion are sooooo…. Punjabi.
    Lurrved it. What fun she is having.

  11. Congratulations to Gul! Not only does she look lovely, but brings her spunky style and attitude to the festivities…it’s great to see a couple having such a personalized touches to their wedding and having such a good time!

    • I agree this is so adorable, relaxed and fun!

      Gul might not be drop-dead gorgeous, but she’s always been so feisty and full of personality unlike all the stepford wife-esque Bollywood barbies out there. Love her.

  12. This is SUCH a real pic! Totally <3
    Hope they have a very happy life together! They look amazingly adorable! One of the nicest celeb wedding pics I have ever seen!

    • I agree! What a cool story to tell the kids!
      Also, they both look great (and Gul even wears PINK well) but why hasn’t anyone noticed the groom? He looks dapper and handsome and when can you ever say that about a Bollywood groom? Much happiness to both!

  13. how cool is that!!!!!!

    congrats to the couple. gul looks lovely. i love her wedding outfit. all is forgiven ,gul (regarding past fashion choices).

  14. thats so cool….
    bullet as the “ghori”….
    whats weird that i just read yest that GUL was gonna tie the knot but didnt know when..

  15. very cute and pretty. usually it is her hair that lets her down. thankfully her head is covered here. just imagine these pics with her usual hair! her hubby is super smart!

  16. I cringe each time I see a bride indian or western in full bridal attire with sunglasses. Gul is completely forgiven. What a fun wedding. The sunglasses seem appropriate in the pic as well.

  17. Absolutely adorable!! How AWESOME is this? They look great together, and Gul is the cutest bride. To use motorbike and side car…. the best wedding idea in years!!!

  18. That is perhaps the most amazing wedding entrance ever! I love that this wedding has a vintage, kitschy vibe without being tacky or run-of-the-mill. She and her husband look wonderful!


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