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There’s a special place in our hearts for vintage fashion. And we especially love Sixties Mod movement. Think geometric prints, color blocking, solid shifts and boots and you’ll begin to put together that which is Mod. Heck, just think of Twiggy in her heyday!

Of course, before there was Mod Fashion, there was the Mod sub-culture in Britain. And with influences in the art and music scene, the impact was far reaching. But, we are here to talk about fashion… What a fun era it was sartorially!

One can’t go wrong with a bit of retro-inspired outfit choices every now and then, especially when done right. And with these picks featured below, you definitely won’t. Go on, have bit of a blast with the past! Go mad for Mod.


Left: Dolce & Gabbana Lace Dress- Buy
Right: Saint Laurent Boots- Buy


Left: Saint Laurent Velvet Dress- Buy
Right: Saint Laurent Pumps- Buy


Left: Alexander McQueen Pocket Detail Dress- Buy
Right: Saint Laurent Boots- Buy


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