Gisele on Vogue India: (Un)Covered

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We saw her in the Suneet Verma sari already and here is Gisele on the cover of Vogue India’s September edition in a Balmain jacket and a Tarun Tahiliani bikini. Hot! or not?

Heck, its Gisele. Hot all the way, for us!


Left: Gisele Bundchen on Verve India Sep 2009 in Balmain and Tarun Tahiliani
Right: Balmain Tweed Jacket with Crystal Bow

Photo Credit: Rediff

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  1. the bikini is something I have seen a million times, the jacket has too much beeding, I would have left the bow on the shoulder out. LOVE the choker.

  2. If she hadn’t worn the jacket and choker, it would have looked like a GQ cover. Nice one. Been loving Balmain for a while now, but seeing it everywhere, especially its replica of garments and shoes; I am a little over it.

  3. Love the jacket BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A BIKINI FOR THE COVER OF A SEPTEMBER ISSUE???????????????? Is India freaking CRAZY MAD????!!!!!!!
    Like.. what a DISASTER cover?! I can’t believe they did this its like a major, major, major ERROR, FAUX PAS, w.e u want to call it. HOW! DID! THIS! HAPPEN! I’m shocked. Who is the person pulling the clothes for the shoot like who the heck is in charge of the styling? This isn’t fashion worthy at all. Vogue India is just a joke to me now. Check out Kate for Vogue UK or Charlize for the American issue and I’m sure you’ll just look at this cover and laugh… WHERE ON THE COVER OF THIS ISSUE DOES IT SAY THE WORD FALL OR AUTUMN? Am actually surprised it does say “fashion” on this cover based on how Vogue India is marketing themselves. Am I just super wrong and does India not have like a “fall” fashion season? I must be missing something here because no way would Vogue be this dumb and drop the ball like that.

  4. What a hottie! if that isnt a flawless figure..then I dont know what is! and yeah she is preggers….this has got to 1 amg million of her older bikini pictures….

  5. This is hot.

    Now, down to business…

    This is Vogue India trying to be high fashion to the highest level of trying… amusing cover.

    Balmain+Bikini+Giselle= High Fashion … uh no… not to those that know better. Ridiculous.

  6. Agree with Sharin – every fashion magazine in the world has moved to autumn-winter but Vogue I has put a bikini-clad Gisele on their cover (with a sweater to really test our intelligence), Its so silly I had a good laugh when I saw the cover.

  7. her body looks totally gross here! like her stomach looks a lot bigger than her legs…which gives her the look of a little kid. if it wasn’t for her fake boobs, she would look completely emaciated. Sad…but i guess even I would do it for 25 million dollars 😐


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