In Versace

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Having seen the original on the runway, we wish Genelia had opted for it rather than this toned-down satin one. Or else, kept the hair much simpler. It just looks way too messy.

Left: Versace, Fall 2010
Right: Genelia D’Souza At 56th Idea Filmfare Awards 2011

Genelia D’Souza At 56th Idea Filmfare Awards 2011

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. wat is up with this gal? seriously, is she like in a mission to make everything look tacky? i mean its a versace number n she makes it look like some amateur designers home sewn dress!

  2. I know how catty this sounds but: Is her dress really Versace or a copy of the runway dress? There seems to be some pleating on the runway dress that is missing on hers. And the overall look and design of her dress just doesn’t seem like it was made by a luxury brand.

    • hehe …. that ws my first thought – is it really a versace ? ….. Whats more embarrassing that wearing a bad dress ? ……… blowing up a small fortune on it, just to have people question if its a cheap copy ?

      btw, was there no red carpet …. everyone seems to be posing on the street.

  3. Genalia is a lovely woman who was probably wore Versace to amp up her vavavoom factor. Unfortunately, her Barbie doll curls and heels undercut her mission. And, is this really a Versace?

  4. ouch my eyes! the hair! the shoes! not even going to go to the dress! Thats one bad day the gal’s having.. but seems of late her stylist is on an experimental mission !
    Such a waste of such a pretty girl!


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