In Twos- Part Deux


We’ve had multiple sightings of Genelia at the recent Fashion Week. Some (looks) more suucessful than others. Below are two more appearances of hers, one in a Ritu Kumar suit and the other, in an Anhad by Ishita Singh dress. Have a favorite? Both seem rather lackluster on her but if we had to choose, it’d have to be the dress.

Genelia D Souza In Anhad By Ishita Singh And Ritu Kumar At Lakme Fashion Week 2013

Genelia D’Souza At Lakme Fashion Week

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Kanchanmasi wants that Jimmy Choo Candy! Shame Genelia is already married otherwise i would make her my bahurani and raid her wardrobe. Oh but not for her clothes, mine are better.


  2. during her wedding times, i was in love with this couple. but it has been a steep downhill graph ever since. she has so much potential, but never seems to wow. plus i saw her hosting a show once, looked like she was playing the part of a psychotic witch … she talks weird :/ … with all that money, why can’t she hire a decent stylist and up her game? so disappointed by her.




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