Vision In White?

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Keeping it minimalistic was Genelia on the IIFA Green Carpet where she chose a simple white dress paired with some metallic accessories!

We are all for everything thats simple/minimal but this just seems so lackluster!

Incidentally, the clutch that she has on is currently on sale if it happens to catch your eye! 😉


Genelia D’Souza At IIFA 09 Fashion Extravaganza, Macau


Burberry Women’s Studded Plates Leather Clutch


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  1. the lackluster is the dress – I dont like the fit or the ruffles at the botton… cant bring myself to like the dress, but she looks decent.

  2. lol @T, Emma Watson is the new face of Burberry 😉
    I love Genelia, and I honestly think she pulls this off with her pretty face alone. I’m not a fan of the dress, but she looks good overall.

  3. This gurl is so cute and fresh…luv her hair/make up here.
    the white dress is pretty and simple but a little plain for the occasion.

  4. She looks cutesy.
    like the clutch and shoes..
    Dont like the dress.. so unflattering specially when i see the first picture
    n couldnt stop laughting @T’s comment.

  5. Umm does no one else see this dress like REALLY SEE IT?
    Awkward length(S), cheap looking material, unneccessary and ugly split in the middle showing off only what looks like a white tank top underneath – yes, I know that’s a part of the dress it just LOOKS like a tank top which sorta sucks for the designer, it’s weirdly loose all over.

    Oh and Genelia, lose the ugly clutch, shoes and earrings please!

  6. not happening -you at hhl just go ga ga on any one wearing black and white -whats so great –
    i thought your site is about style not just plain existence
    hhl is getting boring-seriously guys buck up on your idea of style -read international fashion mags + go on style sites -stop killing us with your black and white obsession!


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