The Worst Knock Off Award…

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… goes to Genelia who wears a dress that seems to have drawn a lot of inspiration from Balmain’s Fall 2009 collection. It ain’t a style that anyone can pull off but if you are going to try, at least keep it edgy! It’s not like the dress was great (it was ugly actually) but the rhinestone sandals and the necklace (which is way too traditional) make Genelia’s look even worse.

This is a WTHeyyy for us, folks. What about for you?

Update: The dress is a Neeta Lulla. Thanks ‘ashima’.


Left: Balmain, Fall 2009
Right: Genelia D’Souza at 56th South Filmfare Awards 2009

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  1. agree guys this one is awful, if anyone knows the name of the designer please post it here to he/she learns a lesson, this is a terrible terrible mistake

  2. Genelia is one of the prettiest actresses. She does not have a great dress sense track record. I liked her fierce look in one of the HHC posts..a super short dress.I can see her in Freida’s couture clothing, she can carry that off superbly. An edgy look will also suit her if she wants to experiment.She can pull off several styles, but this one really is the ultimate whatthehey.

  3. She is too cute and impish to be ever labeled Wtheyy. Alwayz appealing with her million dollar smile ….. I don’t care what she wears :D

  4. yes…the rhinestone jewellery and sandals make it look so bad. .the gown is also ugly. she should stay in her element and not take these HUGE risks.

  5. @deewani, i think that is a great idea. Often it is the wearer who gets the wall of shame if the stylist or designer messes up. In this case, P and P dig out the designer name to put her/him in the whatthehey category.
    On the other hand, celebrate those designers or stylists when their clients get to hog the limelight. They are the unsung, unseen heroes.

  6. Its a funky dress and she should have done funky all the way… I actually like it on runway.
    she should have stayed away from trying to make it loock classic by wearing nice jewelry and shoes.

  7. UGLY!!! what a bad dress.. The designer should’ve made the train of the dress from the same material as the dress because it looks like 2 different shades of black!! Completely WTHeyyyy!

  8. Wow, that knock-off is horrendous. This kind of dress can look really really good. If the extra panel of fabric is in chiffon or the like, it needs to be a proper train and graze the floor (e.g. see fab Ungaro dress worn by Rihanna at last year’s World Music Awards). If the panel is going to stop short of the ground, it needs to have structure like the Balmain dress. Anyway, at least Genelia’s dazzling smile keeps the focus on her face!

  9. This badly made dress is sooo unflattering on her!!
    The accessories just add to the disaster. They look out of place & too over the top for an already busy dress.
    I expected so much more from Genelia =[


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