Reviving The 80’s

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Genelia’s really got me wondering if she was ‘in character’ while attending the premiere. (After all, she does star in the movie ‘Chance Pe Dance’). How else can I explain this ‘part Flashdance, part Jane Fonda video workout’ look???


Genelia D’Souza at ‘3 Idiots’ Premiere

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. yes the 80’s fashion is in..the big hair, neon clothing et all
    she looks so cute.. she has 3 films in the line..she looks so happy here. most stars are appearing in their characters from what i see n nothing wrong..just promoting their film

  2. 80’s fashion fine. promoting your own movie, at someone else’ premier- fine ( cause i guess its sort of subtle enough)….but how can you wear this outfit anywhere but in your house…unless you’re 12- then you could get away with it. she looks horrible. cute girl but horrible clothes

  3. i dnt c the point of dressing in character…y cnt they be themselves wen theyr nt acting?!? hollywood seems to manage it fine………stayin in character often just makes em look stupid

  4. Genelia generally dresses well…but then i guess everyone should be allowed a few “faux pas” moments! A pair of basic skinny jeans and different shoes could have saved the day.

  5. I cant get over her face and her smile 🙂 – she’s got one of the most infectious smiles and really expressive eyes. The outfit on the other hand is really bad waist down.

  6. I think just a small change in shoes would have changed the equation. Am in love with this woman after seeing her telegu film Bommarillu (with the help of subtitles coz I don’t get a word of that language). She has the most expressive face and the naughty look in her eyes.Thats what seems to be saving her from a whattteyyy here as well.


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