Doing Denim

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While Genelia teamed her denims shorts with a tee, blazer and pair of strappy yellow sandals for a press meet, Malaika wore hers with a white shirt and Bottega Veneta accessories (bag and sandals) out on a dinner date. Neither of these lovely ladies are making a strong case for the trend (of denim biker shorts) unfortunately… Not a fan of either of these looks.

Genelia Deshmukh (Left) And Malaika Arora

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. These kinda shorts look ugly when styled with evening wear.. otherwise maybe ok to wear for sport or comfort.. all else it’s a fail. Also, Genelia needs a comeback.. she’s wearing from Wer she left

  2. Since there is such dire dearth of anything beautiful or stylish or Avant garde from the celebrities – I suggest HHC allows the commoners to post upcoming festivity pics maybe just a short time. I am sure there will be much better content from the audience of this blog.

  3. I used to love this blog about 7-8 years ago. It was fun and actually covered different celebs, styles and brands. They used to call out What the hey! looks. Now it’s so dull and overly curated and bloggers don’t seem to be able to differeciate between their blog and their personal political stand.
    Most posts are either people entering/exiting gym or airport. Or just blah repetitive looks being covered
    Either the bloggers have got into some comfortable routine or maybe the celebs and their stylists are to be blamed for their uninspired looks.

  4. My middle school self would have rocked those denim shorts like no tomorrow. Shoutouts to Old Navy ? but for grown women who have access to other designers and literally so many different outfits this is not a good pick

  5. Bollywood in general seems to have fallen into a rut with very few examples of personal style. Everything is driven by the “stylist” most of whom aren’t very good and seem to use international celebs as the reference point – without any allowance for body type and general comfort with the clothing. On Instagram I see so many examples of Indian designers doing wonderful stuff – western and Indian wear – which hardly shows up on these pages. Nothing at all in the last few posts more recently has made me go “oh wow”, which is such a shame.

  6. I’ve been following this blog for 7-8 years and I’ve always cringed when ppl call certain clothes age appropriate or inappropriate but lord those shorts are twee!
    I got a similar pair from M&S and they only only work when you go with a casual crushed linen white top, basic slides and fresh face.. the moment I try to dress them up or look even slightly “polished”, something looks off..
    I think that’s the problem here.. it looks like grown women wearing twee clothes.. not to say , they can’t wear them but the styling needs to be less “put together”.. a boxy top and open casual non glossy hair.. and it would’ve worked..
    FYI I’m in late 30s.


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