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So, we heard that at Cinemax in Nagpur, the press kept throwing questions at Aamir Khan and not much came the way of poor Imran Khan and Genelia! That explains the mildly (?) bored look we saw on Genelia, pic after pic… 🙂

Get creative and tell us, what might she have been thinking…?

genelia_nagpur_21.jpg genelia_nagpur_3.jpg

genelia_nagpur_5.jpg genelia_nagpur.jpg

Genelia At Cinemax, Nagpur

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  1. When will this end, I could have used this time to browse highheelconfidential. Have they updated yet? Will I be featured in it?
    Jokes apart, she looks more beautiful here even though the gold is a bit too much.

  2. 1. “looks like the gold didnt work..”
    2. “all this make-up and nothing to speak”
    3. “I spoke more in the movie than here..”

    she is looking lovely!

  3. 1.god tis is boring
    2.oh so u tink aditi is lyk tis hey i played her i should no better pass da Q on to me
    3. oh camera!time for a nice pose
    4.boy m i frustrated cant u tell
    5.oh i give up time to stone ooo ant on the table hw interestg still stoning

  4. N yes I do agree she looks really pretty here I love the make up simple and her hair looks good here too I tink the grumpy stoning her in da last pic makes her looks her best hahaha (j.k)

  5. ohh.. how.. how do i tell of them that d water in bisleri bottle has finished n i need some more.. Oh gawd m feeling so thirsty.. huhh i cannot take this anymore!!!
    Hee Haww..
    Jokes Apart she’s really cute

  6. hey ppl, ders a telugu movie called “bommarillu” that stars Genelia in a very similar type of character. Lively, bubbly college kid and a motor mouth. Wonder if she’s gettin typecast…….hmmmmmmmmm

  7. Is it just me or does her makeup here make her resemble Deepika Padukone just a wee bit….?? Deepika’s face is kinda round and hers is angular…but here she kindaaa resembles her…

  8. 1) My eyelids feel sooo heavy!
    2) Hmm..look at him scratching his butt
    3) ok fine, I will smile
    4) if only i could make him trip over himself
    5) and on and on and on and on…sigh
    6) i want cake, hmpphhh!

  9. #
    By: melange
    July 10th, 2008 at 12:31 pm

    “Aamir Uncle, Jaane tu ya jaane na…ki main bore ho rahi hoon?” ; )

    can i vote for this caption!!
    totally luv it!!

    bommarillu n jtyjn both had similar characters for genelia…poor girl!
    i so wanna see her in sumthin new now

  10. 1. next q shudb for me
    2. ye kithna boltha hai saala
    3. chalo koi photo tho le raha hai 🙂
    4. kithna bolega..kithna bolega !
    5. “i hav an opinion ..jaanna chahoge ?”
    6. mummyyyyyy…bhook lagi hai 🙁


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