A White Out: Part Deux!

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It is not that I like either, but I have to say now that I have to pick the western version over the see-through sari for now.

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  1. well.. if she had worn a satin petticoat instead of the normal one, it would have worked… waist up, she looks good.. tho neither of the looks work

  2. I dont get the second look at all. You don’t say having your petticoat on display is actually intentional? Whatever misguided peekaboo effect she was going for, it ain’t working.
    Also, is that a real person, as opposed to a wax figure? Why can’t girls just look like girls anymore?

  3. u guys hav lost it man….what the hell is wrong wid her dressing??she looks beautiful…the white outfit is total formal and very classy nothin wrong wid it!!! wer as the sari is very elegant and gorgeous..ok her peticoat has got stuck to her sari which is why its lookin short..but iv seen some otha pics of this and it aint short…its jus here its stuck to her sari…u guys need a life seriously!!

  4. Pray Sania we have a life, just as you do, and dont forget this is a democracy so EVERYBODY is entitled to their own opinions, including you and me.

  5. i dont need to waste a prayer on u guys gettin a life…but wer theres absolutely no reason whatsoever to say somethin wen its not there..thats jus pure jealousy!! its like ur purposely lookin for somethin to find somethin bad…

  6. sweety obviously you havent met me…..since the word jealousy would NOT apply not for mediocrity subarbian fashion of people trying tooo hard.


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