Ladies In Red

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Both Lata and Gayatri wore red saris with detail-heavy blouse, but Lata wore a simple but brighter shade and Gayatri a more intricate one. Lata’s bright shade of red is the kind I hate (a lot!)so this vote automatically went to Gayatri. Who do you prefer?


Lata Patel and Gayatri Joshi at Isha Koppikar Sangeet

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Gayatri’s sari embroidery is all over the place and not very pretty IMO. Lata Patel for me wins by default because I love the simple design although her hair is a major letdown.

  2. Color – prefer Gayatri’s though both looks are not my cuppa tea…
    However, Gayatri doesnt seem to have draped it correctly in the front (c’d be the photo angle or how she’s holding her pallu that makes it look like that)

  3. Neither-both look tacky and it’s disappointing since Gayatri usually has her act together and manages to pull off elegance with ease most of the time a la Twinkle. But just as Twinkle disappointed at the Shilpa wedding Gayatri disappoints here.

  4. PnP I’m not blaming/ accusing you, but I’m wondering WHY these two outfits are on a fashion blog??? There is nothing remotely fashionable about them.

    You often critisize the vogue for it’s bollywood obsession but you succumb to it yourself by over reporting guests at B’wood weddings. I was at the breast cancer event (Sonam and Salvatore Ferragamo) and a saw somefabulous and interesting outfits yet only sonam’s was reported.

    Again this is ONLY a suggestion. I LOVE this blog and recognize that it’s the only one of it’s kind out here and you are doing an amazing job.

    • While the post may not seem relevant to you, there are other people who are interested at seeing what the guests are wearing at a wedding. As for the Breast Cancer event, we didn’t find any good pictures online covering it. πŸ™‚


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