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The purple Jitrois leather dress was just delish. Alas, just about nothing else that Gauri did worked. Not the lips, the hair and definitely not the way she wore the belt. The slouchy belt makes even the svelte Gauri look like she has a paunch.

It’s a complain we’ve had before. It just seems to fall on deaf ears. 🙁

Left: Gauri Khan at Ra.One Wrap Up Bash
Right: Jitrois Leather Belted Sheath Dress

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. i just lovvveee this leather dress…loving the colour too but thats about it…not liking the whole look…and ur right abt the belt..:S

  2. A dress made of leather – Ewwwwww. I hope its not real. And moreover, that belt is ugly and placed horribly.
    But her face looks less oily than usual.

  3. For people who watch ugly betty,remmeber season 1 where sumone sends Amanda a similar kind of dress???this reminds me of it,difference being Amanda kinda rocked it coz she loved it,here i feel Gauri is jus trying sumtin out,not owning it……..

  4. This does nothing for her! The only thing good about this dress on her is the length. The leather on her is a nono, and the belt is sitting at a horrible place! Need to be extremely thin to wear something like that!

  5. She looks smashing! that leather dress is not easy to pull off and she looks amazing. I only wish she would have amped up the make up to go with that hot dress. Also black pumps may have pulled the outfit together!

  6. While she doesn’t look horrendous, the dress does not make her look all “WOW!”. In fact, the fit is off. Hmmm.
    NO to the belt. NO to the bag. I mean, the bag in itself is fine but somehow, it doesn’t work with the dress.
    Love her lips but i think she could do with some eyeliner. Would make her look less tired. As for her oily skin, she should try MakeUp Forever’s Allmat Primer.

    LOVE the shoes and red nails!

  7. hate the dress….gauri has a pretty good bod for a woman her age….she needs a stylist pronto and a good dermatologist..that face is slicked with oil…

  8. The dress itself is not bad. If she is hiding a pouch with the belt…she doing a good job! What bothers me is Gauri’s very shiny (oily) face.

  9. How well she put everything together!! except the way she wore her belt – yay!! But she looks so so tired, that the whole look goes limp to me becoz of that……….

  10. Her eyebrows are too thin…and yes I agree with the person who said she needs some eyeliner.
    This dress is ugly and would be unflattering to anyone who’s not built like that mannequin.

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