Leisure Pleasure


Dissecting a look can be exhausting, passing a verdict, nerve-racking. A girl’s got to have her downtime, no? Turn your shoe-lust into a memory game and have yourself some fun. If you start seeing stilettos everywhere though, don’t you go blaming us!

How To Play?
Click the Start button on the right of the board and then begin unraveling the tiles in pairs. Once you think you’ve found a match, click those two tiles specifically. Try and better your score!

Loving the heels you see? Catch the details on them inside.


Prada Madras Flats, Louboutin Blake Sandals, Miu Miu Lace Sandals


Carven Striped Pumps, DvF Volos Lace-Up Sandals, Fendi Colorblock Sandals


Miu Miu Canvas Polka Dot Sandals, Christian Louboutin Panier 120 Wedges


  1. PnP, I already have a hard time keeping my head off shoes without you tempting me with these beauties. oh,how lovely each and every pair is.Is there a woman on earth who can have too many shoes?


  2. LOVE IT!! a fshion game can never be a downer…if only we can do that we clothes to…hmmm!lolzz thnks you guys…i’m addicted to ur blog for the past 730 days…not a single day missed..aah!
    p.s. i remember b/c thats when i started with my current job!


  3. I LURVE this post! :) Thanks P and P for giving me a bit of light relief during the workday…much appreciated ladies! And may I congratulate you on all of your many achievements, press filings, etc! Hope 2011 brings you continued success :)
    Best regards,




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