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We have seen sisters dress alike before, even own the same thing in different colors but wearing the same dress?

The shetty sisters, both chose to wear this ghastly floral dress, why, it beats me! Shilpa Shetty wore it at her perfume launch in London and then later I spotted the same dress on Shamita as well!!

Stuff with which nightmares are made of!

I guess their taste extends to bags too!! Spotted different versions of the Fendi Spy on both of them (Shilpa Shetty backstage at Rafta Rafta, Shamita Shetty at a calendar launch)

Don’t care for the bag, not in any version, but thats just me!!

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  1. I actually like this Fendi spy bag but only in dark brown, didn’t like the ones these sisters are carrying.

    it seems like shamita is basking in shilpa’s glory…as long as it lasts. 🙂

  2. They are wearing the same watch like it’s a must accessory to with the dress. This is hilarious, but I am also feeling guilty for making mockery of the celebs.

  3. Not a fan of the floral dress but it looks less ghastly (if there is something like that) on Shilpa. Don’t care for the Fendi Spy on either.


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