Doing The Rounds: Part Deux

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She may not have made it to the main stage for the ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ but Freida did get on the main stage of ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’.

Freida shows Craig some dance moves in a yellow Dolce and Gabbana dress from the Pre-Fall 2008 collection. (Yep, it is the same collection that we just saw Sridevi’s black dress from at the Victory premiere.)

P.S. Thanks ‘Ish’ for the video tip-off! If you can’t see the video, go here to watch it.

Freida Pinto on ‘The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson’


Dolce and Gabbana, Pre-Fall 2008

Photo credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Ok, she is pretty and everything…but whats with this basketball routine. she’s been doing this same think at ellen, good morning america, and maybe other talk shows i’m not aware of. I love her dress!

  2. she is awesome! i love her public persona! go freida! and did i say the girl looks awesome in that dress?? how does this girl look so good all the time? insane. it’s got to be her smile and her carefree nature!

  3. She’s sooo cute! so fresh! does this girl ever get it wrong!!?? we should beg her stylist to do something with our other Bolly starlets….

  4. CUTE! I love how free-spirited and breezy she is, very fresh!
    i think yellow looks great on her 🙂
    ahhhh…Craig, just like Regis Philbin!

  5. Yes she looked good on the Jay Leno show tonight show and I though robin williams (another guest on the show) was happy too.

  6. She is no doubt stunning and representing India well…but I just have one beef!

    Someone should coach the girl how to sit and chat is such chat shows. Here with Craig as well as in Ellen show, she leans excessively towards the chat show host, bending eagerly towards the host, almost completely turning her back to the audience….she comes off as a eager to please schoolgirl!!! I think once she corrects that…she will be a knock-out…she’s obviuosly articulate and confident enough!

  7. is amitabh really called the obama of india??

    lolita, i noticed the samething too. but i refrained from saying anything cuz i think we get so engrossed in trying to impress the west that we point out even the smallest things that aren’t right. (eg shobha de’s bashing at ash for her crumpled black dress at cannes)

  8. She is really fresh and I love the way she dresses. I am alittle sick of hearing the same thing over and over at the interviews but guess thats too be expected. Hope Dev and Freida get to do more films.

  9. I think she looks fantastic and has a great attitude, she really is a charming lady. She is conducting herself very well considering she is not a beauty queen (only a small time model) and one film old. She has lots of self-confidence and poise and she will get better with more exposure.

  10. it’s ok she doesn’t have to be perfect. let her be. i agree k= we are always trying to be perfect…that “obama of india” is a figure of speech so Craig understands how popular is Big B. I don’t think she meant it literally.

  11. Lol, she is so cute and natural. That obama thing is not meant to be taken literally lol. It was kinda like a metaphor just to show his level of popularity.

  12. @ KISMET

    i think ash represented india well …craig ferguson is nicer than letterman since he was clearly dissing indians for living with their kids…and ash put him in his place! why does she need to learn from freida again? i think she spoke very well on the show. letterman can be very rude but she handled it well..and had a witty response for his insults

    i think freida looks like a cute school girl and does not exactly act her age lol. i have to agree that she leans in too much like she did on the ellen show. yellow is not exactly her colour but she looks cute!

  13. am a diehard ash fan. without support she carried herself, yet our desifolks bashed her needlessly. freida, is fresh, confident for sure. but she is our underdog, not threatening with too much beauty, too much perfection, and with a slew of support from an international crew. i find our fawning over the new flavor almost cloying just because there is this schadenfraude with people like aish who work hard. let freida enjoy her magic moment, she deserves it, but don’t compare aish’ s efforts with that of freida. tomorrow freida will be like the bend it like beckham girl, getting bit parts in shows like er and such, and ash will still be ash.

  14. She really is adorable!

    @ chuck bass is hot: (by the way, chuck bass is a total badass, isn’t he? he’s awesome!) I totally see what you’re saying about Freida. I’m 20 but every time I see her I feel so much older than her! I think it’s because she has this very dainty, doll-like demeanor. Anyways, I have loved just about every outfit she’s worn, except for that one strange printed blouse a while back.

  15. Lolita – I had the same observation!! I really love the way she is so natural and cheery..great attitude. BUT, I couldn’t help but notice how she leans in too much..almost in-your-face. Not the best impression. She did the same on Ellen. She needs to sit back. Leaning in is a great sign of interest and is very flattering but, too much can be a turn-off.

  16. Agree with Nidhi, I don’t think AB has ever been called the “Obama of INdia”. If you really think about it, it doesn’t even make sense. Obama is about change, and youth, and AB and his stardom is way too old for the comparison to make any sense.
    It would have made sense had she said “I” instead of “we”.

  17. She must have seen the kind of attention Obama got during inauguration week and wondered who in India could get so much adulation from so many…..and come up with the answer: Amitabh Bachchan. And now she’s probably thinking it’s such a novel thought, she needs to tell everyone about it! (Happens to me all the time…I come up with a stupid idea and then fall in love with it….and REMAIN in love with it until I make a total fool of myself.)

  18. please dont compare her with ash! this girl is one film old and she has already been on ferguson, ellen and so many other talk shows. and she has handled herself beautifully! kudos to her!

    ash on the other hand is 10 yrs senior to her, has done 30+ films, ex miss world and all she ever does is giggle nervously and put on this fake accent with her diva-esque attitude. if you have ever heard her talkin at cannes, you will know what i mean.

  19. This dress is sooooo cute! I love the yellow color on her.

    and I didn’t know everyone in India treats Amitabh Bacchan as ‘God’!

  20. I still don’t understand how and why Ash is fake. In every interview I watched, she has come across as real to me. But, I understand, not everyone can get past her looks, accent, and giggles and appreciate what she is saying rather than focusing on the superficial aspects.
    BTW, I love what Freida is wearing here.:D

  21. @ preeths, you said it, ash’s achievements speak for themselves. now can we excuse her nervousness and move on ? the poor lady does not need to be accused of a being a diva now….

  22. @ shwetha I could not agree with you more. i dont get why ppl hate her so much…she is BEAUTIFUL and seems so real in her interviews..i think some of us hate to admit how beautiful she is just because she defies the indian standards and has fair skin and green eyes..some of us want to pretend that it is all that ash fans see in her since we are from the land of “fair and lovely” and blah blah blah..and so freida must be prettier..since shes so relatable to india right??…it totally baffles me….i dont get it! freida might be pretty but she cant be ash and it is best not to compare them.. ash is a veteran and freida is just a newcomer..who had a 5 minute role in a movie.

  23. @ shweta n chuck bass is hot:
    no one said ash isnt beautiful!
    she is crazily insanely beautiful! its just that when she opens her mouth, mind you.. only at international events like cannes or on chat shows like letterman or oprah, i cant understand the need for her to put on a fake accent and giggle hysterically without any reason! (and i have never forgiven her for her parrot green saree and jelly belly) she could do so so so much better and she fails. theser “superficial aspects” make her look superficial 😛

    whereas this newcomer freida ..”who has a 5 min role in a movie” knows how to dress, what to talk, when to laugh, when not to and when to act a little crazy and when to shut her mouth.. its amazing. really!

    it has nothing to do with beauty, its all about behaviour

  24. preeths, freida has a stylist (who is not indian), which explains why she knows how to dress…when shes in india she makes horrible fashion choices.

  25. Freida is so cute!!!
    I love her and her sense of style. THis is not the best putfit she wore but its pretty nice. SHe has herself together!!!

  26. ummm. ash also has a stylist for cannes 😛
    big B has mentioned it in his blog. in face he said.. she has a barrage of stylists for her international appearances

  27. Well, the less said about Ash’s stylist the better:) (Neeta Lulla)…she can’t even design offence to her fans:P…preeths, next time if you watch Ash’s interview(especially the one with Simi Garewal), listen to her when she speaks(you can mute it when she giggles:P lol)she has some very nice words of wisdom:)..that was the point I was trying to make, she is very wise and intelligent. And there are nice things in every person, Freida is cool too but in a different way then Ash, if you know what I mean:P

  28. btw aish isnt really fair, not that thats a good or bad thing, but she cakes on a lot of lighter foundation to look more fair. i can understand that ppl think aish is beautiful (not me personally) however you have to agree that shes not natural at all when she gives interviews. it all sounds so unnatural, rehearsed and put on. freida on the other hand seems so natural with her delivery and her choice of words. you really ought to hear the things aish says, ive heard the same phrases from her on different interviews. regardless i love freida’s yellow dress itself, but im not sure if its her color.