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The dress on Freida was a bit reminiscent (for us anyway) of the Christopher Kane dress that we spotted on her a lil’ while back, but while last time the hair was a complete let down, not so much this time. Loved the look head-to-toe… young, fresh and flirty.

Having said that, I am so in love with that runway version. That nude dress is absolute lust-worthy. Only Valentino could’ve turned ruffles into something so gosh-darn-goood. I just said Gosh-Darn-Goood. Yes, I must be in a fifties diner. Or in my fifties. 😉


Left: Valentino Spring 2010
Centre And Right: Freida Pinto At 18th Annual Bafta Awards

Photo Credit: Style, Wireimage

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  1. I’m sorry, but hers looks like a sheer dress under which she’s wearing almost nothing, not to mention those two anomalies above her waist. Thumbs down from me.

  2. Frieda looks good but I wish she had skipped the ankle straps… Kinda cut her legs and make her look shorter.. i think women on the shorter side should seriously avoid ankle straps when showing off the legs… just makes them stumpier!
    and i wud have loved that nude version with some Red-hot loubs!!

  3. Okay Freida is officially super boring. I love the nude dress on the left, the black one on her is a major let down especially after seeing the runway version. She is boring. She always wears different things yet looks exactly the same..the only interesting looks she has sported were during her Oscar days and those were only because she was new and her stylist threw colors on her. This is just bah.

    Freida, wearing big designers doesn’t matter if you let the clothes wear you!

    • I do NOT understand the whole “Frieda Pinto is a style Icon’ phenomenon. Shouldn’t it be ‘Frieda Pinto’s stylist and wardrobe are fabulous’ instead?

      First of all, she doesn’t choose her own clothes, to me this is HUGE. If style is not intrinsic it is not style at all.

      And secondly, her ‘style’ is totally generic, there’s no one thing about her outfits that makes them her own: it’s just a lot of beautiful dresses and gowns put together with a lot of wonderful shoes, no characteristic ‘freida-ness’ about it that grabs you and makes it unique.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating: as an Indian I’m totally happy for all the global attention she’s getting. It’s just, I don’t understand the hype over her so-called style.

      Looking at the runway version and the dress she’s chosen I actually think it was the right decision: the nude’s much prettier but the black works well with her complexion. Unfortunately, the fit is pathetic and it does nothing for her body type. And I’m disappointed with the shoes, she usually wears MUCH more fabulous ones. She definetely needed close-toed, sky high black pumps for this one (loubs!)

      • Well belle , in that sense , no Diva is meant to be a diva …. it would be their stylist who should get the fame right ?? But it doesn’t work this way ……. The clothes suits the celebrity and they have to carry it with poise ….. If you don’t have poise and grace , no matter what you wear wouldn’t matter .

        During her Oscar days , Freida was a fresh breath of air . She truly shocked the world with her style and deserved to be called a style icon THEN .But now , its getting repetitive . She is young and there is no harm trying something funky and girly at times …. what go ya say ?? 🙂

        • I agree that she’s a diva. She has the poise, the carraige, the star quality.

          But style icon? I’m kinda old-fashioned that way…I still think you need to have an individualistic, intrinsic style to be called a style icon

          (as opposed to a stylist-supplied, generic style with no distinctive elements that make it your own)

          To me style is about owning the clothes you where, using your outfit as a canvas to express your mood, your whims, your personality and about experimenting, exploring and having fun

          Having a stylist score your big brand couture and match them up with fab accesories…well it just turns style into a who-can-get-on-the-most-best-dressed-lists-and-hire-the-best-stylist-because-of-their-star-power game. And that, to me is NOT what style is about.

          If you ask me (and I know this is going to be HUGELY contreversial) even fashion outcastes like Divya Khosla who play with their looks, use it to express themselves and have fun with it understand the concept of style better than professionally dressed, impecably put together Frieda. She’s Definetely MUCH more fashionable. But a style icon ? not at all

          (somehow I think that are opinions on this are too different to meet at a common point)

  4. I too felt like it looked similar to pieces that she’s worn before. It wasn’t a hit out of the ballpark for me but she looks fresh and flirty like you said. I think I prefer her in more sleek looks rather than poufier.

  5. Hey! “Gosh darn” is the new hipster thing….
    anyway, she looks cute and very stylist-made-up
    I too LOVE the runway a lot more.

  6. I dunno, the hair isn’t working with the dress. She looks too swamped in it, I think she should stick to fitted dresses, as these type of ones make her look too tiny.

  7. i think this is a dress for tall people. it drowns freida. i blame you P&P for making me fall in love with the runway version too though. i reckon i’d rock this dress.

  8. I think the nude one is way better than Freida’s version.
    (And a correction: It’s no longer Valentino; Alessandra Facchinetti is the boss =D)

      • i kinda feel like a traitor for saying this (as she kind of represents us abroad), i also think she has a very boring face. aishwarya was a better representative. on a more fashionista note, i love the model’s shoes, esp. the feathery bit.

  9. I think different colored sandals might have worked better. Somehow don’t like the hair either – from what I can see, it looks like she put it up to go for a shower.

  10. The nude version is awesome though the skinny legs on the model freak me out..

    The dress makes Freida stumpier.. not flattering and the black isn’t as nice as the nude ne.

  11. Lucky girl..she’s like all over hollywood now. She looks OK..the nude color is way better than black.

    I really wonder if she’ll ever go back to bollywood =/.

  12. I’m not a fan of nude dresses but the runway version is simply divine…very feminine. But It wouldn’t have suited Frieda, I think she should have gone with another dress.


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