Yellow Fever!

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Update: Freida is in Derek Lam and not Peter Som! Talk about mixing up my names. Thanks a bunch ‘Aisha’ for catching that! ;)

It only keeps getting better on the red carpet for Freida, who attended the BAFTA LA Awards Tea Party in a yellow Derek Lam dress with another python clutch and peep-toe slip ons.

Looking at her, we feel warm already in this cold cold weather!


Left: Freida Pinto, The BAFTA/LA Awards Season Tea Party
Right: Derek Lam, Spring 2009


Freida Pinto, The BAFTA/LA Awards Season Tea Party


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  1. I like it but I don’t love it.
    I hope Frieda doesn’t turn into I-always-look-the-same Priyanka Chopra types. I am already starting to see a pattern.

  2. she’s on a roll!
    she always picks slighly muted colors- and I too am being more and more drawn to the yellow as spring starts to beckon
    she looks tired though…poor thing

  3. True Sonia. She looks good, but it’s getting repetitive now. Always some monochrome pastel short flowy dress. Ain’t saying it doesn’t look good, just hope it doesn’t get boring.

  4. fashionista,
    The designers push for the people to wear the latest so that when the season really comes, people will remember the celebrities and then be more influenced to buy the clothes.

    For e.g. Any major award ceremony will always feature people wearing clothes from the latest fashion week.

  5. Frieda looks great no matter what she wears because of her smile and her personality – she seems to be having a great time, and no airs!! (from the interviews etc. that i saw)

  6. Yup, this girl looks lovely each time though I genuinely hope we get to see her do something different… (have we seen her in prints or bling yet)… just a thought though!
    It’s like how I wish to see Twinkle change it up but don’t really care if she doesn’t cuz she gets it right anyway! (Yeah, the Indian clothes were great!)

  7. she always always wears what looks good on her. and yes, there is a pattern emerging here…but isnt that what makes a person stylish???…knowing what works and sticking to it.

  8. What i really like about her is that she doesn’t stick to one really well known designer . in fact, im embarassed to admit, i havent heard of most of the designers she wears. I’ve been searching the names of the designers on HHC, and no1 else from India has worn them either! i think thats truly remarkable.
    she truly knows fashion.

  9. I think the colour is youthful and goes well with her dusky complexion. She was on the Jay leno show and she was well composed and came across so well unlike ahem ..Ash on Oprah!
    Now that was cringeyyyyyy

  10. Though there’s potential for a pattern… at least she’s gettin’ it right [really, really, right] and being safe. Plus, I can’t find myself to hate on her just yet.

  11. She knows how to dress herself very well. I agree with other people who said they want her to do something different and daring at the same time! Love her style!

  12. I llike the color of the dress on her skin.
    @agree with marya, she carries herself so well, there was such a vast difference between her on jay leno and ash on david letterman…

  13. I really like the darker yellow– it has a very gold look. With her dusky skin- it is so pastel soft. She looks FAB! I never liked yellow or mustard till I saw it on her really..


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