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Ms. Pinto attended the Louis Vuitton show at Paris Fashion Week wearing a blue ensemble from the Fall 2009 collection. After seeing the runway, I wish Freida had rather worn the black/blue because this one was just too much blue for me.

You like?


Left: Louis Vuitton, Fall 2009
Right: Freida Pinto attends Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 Show at Paris Fashion Week

Photo Credit: Style, WireImage

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    • oh it makes me feel a little better cos i thought i was the only one who disliked louis vuitton clothes lol. i usually don’t comment when people wear LV because chances are i didn’t like the outfit on the runway either…
      but back to freida, the top seems to be stuck in her bra or something, makes her look kinda boxy

  1. Its LV, Its Paris ! I have never seen anything like this… so I’ll give the benefit of doubt to Freida for showing us some ground breaking fashion…! I LIKES.

  2. Hey You got to Admit this one whether blue or black or green is a disaster.Doesn’t matter even if it is by Gucci !
    Had it been done by a desi designer it would have been shredded in print

  3. FUGLY

    That is one ugly outfit from top to bottom – dress, shoes and bag. The dress (or costume) does not even fit her properly. What happened to her stylist?

    • True. Sure, she could have gone with black instead of blue for the top, but she does look good. (And I’m not one of those Freida worshippers.) Sigh…good or not she wears interesting clothes. All on the strength of ONE movie!
      (Do I sound jealous? I’m not. LOL)

  4. still dun understand the “hype” bout freida pinto man…. she had hardly ne role in the movie…. and all this hype!!!.. christ!…. what is it bout her?….. main lead dev patel isnt as hyped as she is… jesus!!! this is wierd !!!

      • I think its because she looks like both – Indian and Latin American. I mean she can pas off as from both places. She also eagerly accepted the Western style of dressing and got herself into the fashion scene. It is all carefully planned marketing strategy.

      • It’s the same thing that happened with Keira Knightly in Bend it Like Beckham.. yea she had a good role in it but she wasn’t the lead.. yet she made it big. It’s Hollywood.. it’s all about beauty. About her outfit I actually like the blue better than the black, I think the colour looks great on her and I really like the combination of colours that she has on.. the shoes, the bag, the dress… it’s so interesting and fun! I’m not a Frieda worshipper either but she looks good here! Her legs do not look skinny imo :S and her bust yea there’s that one line but big woop it’s probably just for a few pictures.. overall she wore it well.

  5. agree with you about “too much blue” I do not care for the dress either, the hair and bag are also passe. the dress is either too tight for her or it is a bad fit. the green version on the model is a much better fit. it looks like Freida is wearing a corset underneath

  6. I love the Blue!! I think she shines amidst the black, grey white of the world… may be she’s trying to recreate the magic of the blue galliano!!

    Kudos for the color! I LOVE


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