The good thing is that Freida didn’t wear red and black (a look she has been seen a lot in while shooting for Woody Allen’s movie) to the Liberty launch party but the bad thing was that Freida and Dev were a tad bit out of sync.

The actress wore a Maje leopard print blouse, which we loved, but those closed toe boots were just the wrong pick for this outfit. An open-toe bootie or sky-high sandals would have been a much better pick. But, what we really would have loved was a cocktail dress on Freida so that she was more in sync with boyfriend Dev’s semi-formal look.

What did you think of the couple?

P.S. Thanks ‘elisa’ for the news tip-off.


Freida Pinto and Dev Patel at the
Launch of Liberty & Hermes Scarf and Tie Pop Up Shop

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Indiatimes


  1. Freida’s look is drab. The shirt is ugly and ill fitting – hate the print and the sleeves with that 80s puffy padded look. The jeans are too long so they bunch at the bottom. The tights and pumps are just plain wrong. Finally the clutch looks cheap. Nothing here works.

    Dev looks good though.


  2. lol, I forgot that they were actually together for a second
    …well, I have to disagree their both wearing jeans, jeans are NOT formal (I hate the jeans/blazer apparently that’s formal look)
    where did the classy men who wear suits everywhere go (I think they got stuck in the 50’s…like I did)


  3. I knoww.. The shoes, the clutch..out of sync. Oh n Im tired of these people getting sooooo much attention. Slumdog millionaire’s hype is over. So should be Dev-Frieda’s glorification.


  4. Contrary to everyone’s opinion here, I actually think they both look fab. And I don’t understand why couples have to be in “sync” with their clothes? I mean, of course you don’t want one to be wearing leaves and one in a tux…but does it really have to be a case of “match-much” ?




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