Of Purple Dresses and Shiny Things

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Chayya kept it simple at Varuna Jani’s store launch partly because she was showcasing some of Varuna’s designs on her but after looking at her clean style cannot help but dislike Malaika and all her blinginess.

In this case of in comparison, Chayya wins it by a mile for us.

What about for you?


Left: Chhaya Momaya at Varuna Jani Store Launch
Right: Malaika Arora at FHM Manoni Style Awards

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. i have no clue who this chhaya is but her dress needs to be fitted better and she has such a depressing expression on her face that she makes malaika who is totally wearing a prom queen outfit look much better in comparison..but only in comparison because her dress and shoes and that gaudy makeup leaves much to be desired..she was doing so well in that purple dress that you guys had posted a few days ago in which she had minimal make-up…

  2. Who is this Chaya woman? things put together well on her… but ill fitting i think.. also she looks very very depressing..not just depressed. I got depressed looking at her.. but soon recovered in disgust at the sight of Malaika’s shoes.. Plain fugly…

  3. “Malaika and all her blinginess”?? where’s the bling on malaika? this chayya person has more jewels on her than malaika. the only bling on malaika are her shoes whereas chayya has on the bracelet, necklace and earrings and i really don’t like her dress atall plus she looks depressed! i’m sorry but chayya doesnt look good at all! as for malaika….so eventhough iam not a big fan of her (i think she over exposes her body and stil tries to act and dress like a 20 something girl) she’s looking better then the other girl. like her shoes but they don’t really match her purple outfit.

  4. The length of this chaya woman could’ve looked great if it were till the knee and not that long, i love that silhoutte… dont remember who wore it before, i think diya? The accessories could’ve been more funky. plasticky, but on someone young. Anyways in comparison i’d still choose the lady and not malaika…The shoes, the clutch, the silhoutte, very drab

  5. What’s this…..a photo of Malaika where she’s NOT looking lustfully into the camera??? Hey Ram, what has the world come to? Please include a photo of Malaika poutingly showing off her toned back. Please please, any post on Malaika looks incomplete without her “Look at me, I’m oh-so-sexy” preening and pouting.

    Chaya looks pretty, just wish the dress was a bit shorter; it’s an awkward length.

  6. Malaika looks trashy. Almost like some exotic dancer. I don’t know why people like her – like Prem Rogue said above, her pose is forced, pout worse. Chaya fares slightly better.

  7. Shreya- The bling on Malaika refers to the “twinkle twinkle BIG stars” shoes, the sparkly clutch and the glow in the dark make-up, I assume!!
    The lace cut-out dress and the sprayed stiff curls…Malaika has/can done/do better!

  8. why does malaika need so much makeup…she’s a beautiful woman as she is
    and WHO made those shoes???!

    to be honest i dont like the fist woman either…her hair and makeup all look really random though the dress is nice

  9. just when you think. Mallika can’t dress more sluttier.. she comes out with this…
    really bad color.. blingy shoes.. and that makeup and hair.. uffff.

    amrita looks lot better this time around.. and normally i would not say this

  10. Chaya looks better than Malaika. But she shouldn’t have paired gold shoes with silver accessories. A shorter length minus the necklace, and a gold cuff, instead of silver, and a couple of hair pins on the messy bangs, and chaya will be ready to roll at the party!!

  11. chhaya’s dress is fab, though she looks like a total BTM (behenji turned mod)…a real wanabe. Malaika’s dress is what even a cheap hooker turning tricks in Times Square wouldn’t wear…trashy adn tacky. Just because Malaika has a good body doesn’t mean she must avail of every opportunity to show off as much of it all at the same time. Haven’t these chicks heard of the rule that you expose only 1 part of your body at one time. If you are showing cleavage, cover the legs; if you are going short, cover up your boobs, if you are baring your midriff, cover up everything else!!


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