Fashion Ads: The Good: Jordache

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So, tell me how hot is Heidi Klum for Jordache? The Ad totally sizzles. Brett Ratner, who shot the Ad, is actually an action movie director but who could tell looking at the Ad? He should do more fashion photography! Its brilliant!

But here’s what I want to know, how does a Thirty-four year old woman, after having three kids, still manage to have a body like that? Tell me!

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  1. i absolutely love that iconic Brooke Shields Calvin Klein jeans ad where she says ‘You want to know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing.’ and the way she posed..
    Heidi for Jordache is good too; didn’t know Brett Ratner did this too.. multitalented.
    am exploring your older pages P&P, kind of fun! also like how fast your site loads.


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