Yellow Still Going Strong

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Summer might be nearly over in some parts of the world but yellow is showing no signs of going under the radar across the pond…

We spotted Nethra in a little yellow dress at an event, which is a definite upgrade over the last time she had a dress on…

We’ve mostly always seen Shaina NC in a sari and while popular for her innovative draping styles, she does tend to go a bit overboard with the ‘bling’… So, it was good to see her able to edit herself and wear ‘casual’ well!


Left: Nethra Raghuraman At LFW Launch Party
Right: Shaina NC At Fair & Lovely Scholarship Campaign

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  1. I notice that Nethra wears the most hideous sandals/shoes/flip flops! Whats up with that? She’s a pretty gal though but such avg style statment every single time.

  2. I cannot forgive Shaina’s outfit, she is a designer for Gods sake, not forgiven. Netra looks good, but has a tendency to choose comfort over style – as in the case of her shoes

  3. I like Nethra’s outfit. Infact I think her shoes look great with her dress. Also her bangles look great with her outfit.As for Shaina…its nothing special..pretty blah…


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