In Payal and Nikila

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Ms. Gupta was spotted heading out of Mumbai looked uber adorable in a Payal and Nikila mini, two toned pumps and a Dolce & Gabbana shoulder bag.

It was a look I’d wear instantly! Probably not to the airport though. 😛 (Can’t do heels when travelling.)


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. When does she not look good? She’s one of the few consistent celebs. I could never wear heels while travelling. It’s so uncomfortable.

  2. What a beauty she is and what beautiful attire this both the dress and pumps.they are too good and seem very summery and chic.

  3. She looks good. Cute pumps. But how is this dress a “mini”? Lol It is a tad bit above the knee, I thought minis were way above the knee. 😀

  4. She looks good.
    I never understood the fuss about heels when flying, especially in / around india when no distance involves more than a 3-4 hour flight – which is spent sitting.
    I think wearing heels to events where you’re standing for hours at end, exhibitions, parties, and events that involve dancing – now that’s uncomfortable.

  5. Wow she looks gorgeous head to toe! That dress and the pumps are fabulous choices to go together and individually as well! What else can one say on this apart from the fact that she looks FANTASTIC as always! Like someone above said she must have really nice clothes to wear this to the airport. Love her style!


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