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It was good to see Esha Deol keeping it simple and minimal at a recent press con. Sure its no big deal, just a black jersey top and denims, but compared to past bloopers, you know you’ve got to rethink relatively!

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Esha Deol

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  1. You guys are right (as usual)… She does look good, relatively. Now maybe if she got a pair of better fitting jeans and got rid of that stupid pout (??) and corrected her posture she could transform into a hot chica!! Fingers crossed!!!
    Btw, is it the camera angle or is that top a tad too tight on the bust and hence, transparent??

  2. I have an aversion to jeans that are not slim or skinny…but I like that her outfit was so simple. Her face (including her lovely makeup) really shined through 🙂


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