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Nithiin and Shalini who are going to get married in a few days had an engagement ceremony today in Hyderabad. The bride to be was seen wearing a Sabyasachi sari with diamond and ruby jewellery.

At other pre-wedding ceremonies, Shalini was seen wearing a pink Vaishali Agarwal lehenga with a Bhargavi Kunam dupatta and in a yellow and blue Anushree Reddy one.

Nithiin and Shalini

Nithiin and Shalini

Nithiin and Shalini

Photo Credit: Instagram/afsharangila_makeupartist & Instagram/onefinedaypictures

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  1. So nice to see a traditional bride, love the Indian feel, also really like the pink 2nd look. Personally love that she’s not jewellery loaded in all looks.

  2. Lovely outfits. Red for engagement? Wonder what she’ll wear to the wedding. I spot a lot of diamond jewelry. Will she repeat them for the wedding? haha, of course not. I mean, can you imagine the wealth a single family holds to be able to afford multiple sets of heavy diamond jewelry? SMH. She looks a bit like Athiya Shetty.

    • I’m assuming she is a South Indian since she wore a sari to the main engagement ceremony – red is not ‘the’ color that is worn or needs to be worn to the actual wedding. Any color is fair game 🙂
      I’m curious now – in which states is it customary for the bride to wear a specific color for her wedding?

      • She is a Telugu girl, so she may wear white or yellow sari with red or green border, that is a custom in some communities.

        The bride looks very beautiful, lovely looking couple, lovely clothes. But that is not considered a Sabya sari, It’s considered as a Banarasi sari.

      • That is called ‘vaddanam’ in Telugu. All South Indian girls wear that normally in gold design, it’s a must with saree. Since she is rich, she is wearing diamond studded vaddanam.

      • The ‘vaddanam’ is a staple that gets passed from mother to daughter across generations. The bride, and everyone close to her (from cousins to aunts to best friends) all wear it at the wedding. Calling it an eyesore is sure to hurt a significant portion of the population 🙂

        The diamond vaddanam or the pachi/kundan vaddanam is something that has gained ground since the past decade when people had the money to spare. The traditional look is that of a gold beaten belt with maybe some pearls or gold chains hanging off in beautiful patterns.

        Hope this bit helps to provide context around the vaddanam and how expected it is as part of a bride’s jewellery.

    • Many Telugu and Kannada brides have to wear white or yellow sarees with red/green borders to the wedding ceremony. Maybe that’s why she wore a red saree earlier.

  3. 1. I dont feel it is ethically right for Sabyasachi to sell the sarees as his own designs which we are seeing from generations.
    2. Please tell me the rubies and emeralds which she is wearing are synthetic/ lab grown gems

  4. Isn’t that just a red Banarasee saree? Just a little embroidery to call it Sabya?
    I guess he has still not learnt from the Angadi silks call out.

    The pink outfit is super pretty. The bride is utterly beautiful in all. Lovely happy smile.


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