Miss Universe Countdown


In just a few hours a new Miss Universe will be crowned and in the running is also Miss India Ekta Chowdhry. While we wish her the best of luck, here is a looksee at some more outfits she wore past two weeks in Nassau, Bahamas. You can catch her National Costume outfit here.

There has been a lot of chatter that she will be wearing a variation of this Gauri Nainika dress seen in a different version on Aishwarya at the Drona premiere. But, from what we know the gown shown in the evening gown competition (in Ekta’s case: the red one below) is almost always the gown the contestants wear to the final event. Guess, we’ll have to wait till the telecast to see what she wears!

P.S. Yes, that is the same Ranna Gill we’ve seen before on the designer Ranna and also in a blue version on Sonali.


Left: Gauri and Nainika, Spring 2009
Right: Ekta Chowdhry Models For Gauri-Nainika


In Gauri and Nainika For Evening Gown Competition


Left: Malini Ramani
Right: Ekta in Malini Ramani in Downtown Nassau


With Donald Trump In Ranna Gill


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Daylife, MissUniverse, Indiatimes


    • yea true…

      i remember my days at school where there was always excitement because there were such incredible women from india year after year and so many winners too :)))

      i mean, i didnt even know who was miss india this year untill i saw this HHC post :)

      nostalgia aside, these outfits are hideous. even those blinged out hemant trivedi outfits of the 90s were better than these


    • Seriously. And she does resemble Sonam Kapoor but unfortunately a bad version.:P The clothes are hideous too except the black saree.


  1. Weird, I didn’t see the resemblance to Sonam before but i def do now! It’s in the smile for sure. I don’t think she’s pretty though.. I mean.. not in comparison to what I’ve seen before from Miss Universe contestants. Lara Dutta.. Sushmita Sen.. they were just WOW. Even Celina looked pretty albeit annoying with the bindi on in every shoot. It was like she was trying to be kamasutronic or something. Anyway..yes this girl isn’t all that compared to previous contestants.. but I’ve noticed they tend to start looking better once they appear in movies (Priyanka Chopra anyone?)


    • I know right! In the past, I remember Ms. India at least making it to the top 10 or top 5. They have just been getting worse and worse every year. This girl isnt even pretty at all. and those ourfits didnt help either.


      • i guess its the persona

        the women of yesteryears had absolute sheer presence that made you notice them, remember them! each woman was a cut above the rest. and lara dutta!! man oh man, that confidence, even now when i see her miss universe videos on youtube, i get awestruck every single time

        the miss indias of today all look alike, run of the mill wannabes waiting to jump onto the bollywood bandwagon


          • Oh yeah! Manpreet Brar was good too!

            these days, I think after the previous success in beauty pageants, it seems like the miss indias have kind of begun to take it for granted that they’ll make at least to the top 10. Also, beauty in India has become so processed with the products and procedures, etc. Everyone ends up looking the same or similar. There is nothing distinguished about any individual. They just lack personality, which is one of the most important things for an international beauty queen to have.




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