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I quite like this Ranna Gill mini on Ms. Chowdhry but between the pink wall, the pink shoes and the pink-blue eyeshadow, I think she is bordering more on ‘Match-Much’ territory.


Left: Ranna Gill, Spring 2009
Center: Riya Sen for Ranna Gill, Spring 2009
Right: Ekta Chowdhry at Lakme Fashion Week

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Yahoo

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  1. Ranna Gill’s had the same shtick for years now. It wasn’t good the first time round, isn’t good now. Wish she’d finally give us something fresh.

    • that’s what i was thinking…

      but either way, i still like Ranna Gill…I’m just too bummed that she isn’t in Chandigarh…well she was supposed to be, but I hear that mall/place/whatever is still being constructed? Better be there next time I go to India!

  2. I love the skirt on Riya Sen but it would look so much nicer with a much simpler top and no necklace etc…and that’s the runway so I would assume they’d want to highlight the CLOTHES


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