Wtheyyy!!!: The Male Edition

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Whatever he has on, isn’t working!


Harman Baweja At ‘Drona’ Premiere

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I like the blue shirt because it brings up the color of his eyes ! Who cares about the eyes anyways !!!

    The posture is good, the smile is good .. I don’t know but I like something about this boy and I can’t put him in whttheyy yet.

    May be I am being partial here …

  2. er…well I don’t really like something aobut this boy
    that being said, it’s not TOOOOO bad, as in I can see where he was going with it; what his intention was
    he just sort of fell flat

  3. what is that ?? is that a jacket? i was waiting for it to be posted here when i saw this pic in some newspaper, the jacket is dull, boring and pathetic.. it looks worn out
    but then maybe he got the jacket so he could cover up PC..hehehe;)

  4. WHy does this boy always look like a waiter?!?! I mean, come on…enough of the 5 o’clock shadow thing…it’s clearly NOT working for you…

  5. @Ketaki – That is so true! Everything about his attire is a little off – the weird jacket, the shiny pants, strange two-toned shoes. And for some reason he looks a bit like Sanjay Kapoor (Anil Kapoor’s younger brother).

  6. him and his girl friend Pryinka did the very big WTHY at the opening of Dorna..she wores a short dress that looked like it belong to some seven year old girl..very short very tight very ugly and he did the helly mix and match attire

  7. He should’ve worn a white shirt with that jacket and some dark blue skinny jeans and the lv silver sneaker would go perfectly with it. what he has got on is clashing between casual and formal.


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