Rounding Up The Ladies

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At Ekta Kapoor’s Diwali party we spotted some ‘near-hits’ and those that ‘perfectly-missed’!

Prachi and Urvashi won us over with their simplicity (by doing relatively so much better)… we’ve seen Sweta do so much better so this was certainly a letdown but it was Rakshanda who grabbed all of our attention for all the wrong reasons! There was just so much going on, clearly a ‘wthey’!!

Prachi Desai
Urvashi Dholakia

Sweta Salve
Rakshanda Khan

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Prachi’s outfit is gorgeous! Its nice to see her dressing more sensibly. Urvashi is wearing a nice, festive color but the outfit is average.
    If Shweta’s outfit had more green and less gold, it would have looked beautiful. Her shoes look tacky.
    Rakshanda looks like she escaped from a mujra performance…and got the velvet curtains along!

  2. I loved Prachi`s outfit the most..classy and understated..the other outfits had unnecessary bling on it esp Rakshanda`s suit..what the hell was that..too much going..

  3. i like shveta’s look…nice and festive…infact sorry gals , but prachi’s colour is a wash out for a festival like diwali…pls this when one can get away wearing bright colors…ofcourse rakshanda is another story though ! but shveta is nice and simple make up…maybe a better picture would have helped..

  4. am i weird? cuz i actually like Rakshanda Khan’s outfit! urvashi’s and prachi’s outfits look so similar to the ones you find in the indian markets!
    Rakshanda’s looks festive and fun!

  5. I recently ( about a month ago ) saw Prachi’s outfit / very similar lookalike on sale at Shopper’s Stop for about Rs2000 for the entire set. That is quite a bargain if it turns out looking like this!


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