In Shantanu & Nikhil


It was Shantanu & Nikhil for Divya while at a recent event. Wearing her hair back, she finished out the look with Chanel earrings and a cocktail ring. The sari works very well on her; she looked great! (And had the make-up been softer, she would’ve done even better.)

divya khosla kumar at j&k 70mm party

Divya Khosla Kumar At J&K 70MM Event

divya khosla kumar at j&k 70mm party-1

Divya Khosla Kumar At J&K 70MM Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. I love this. Such a pretty blouse and great colour. But why they had to ruin it with the makeup. That too both pink and red on the same pretty face. Gosh! She looks like a clown to me, the more I see those pinky cheeks. :(
    She has just the perfect height to have a beautiful fall of such dresses. And makeup ruins it.

    P.S. Divya is a combination of Dia Mirza & Deepika Padukone. All starting from D, coincidence? :)


  2. Are you serious? How anyone can look past the clownish pink cheeks is beyond me. She doesn’t need to ‘tone down’, she needs to wipe it all off.




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