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Wearing a red Neeta Lulla lehenga, Divya attended the Gulshan Kumar Tribute on Tuesday evening. Neck up, Divya looked really pretty in the traditional jhumka and gajra but neck down was a different story.

While I like the lehenga skirt, between the bright dupatta and the full-sleeved embroidered choli, the outfit felt much too busy. A different choli and this look may not have felt as overwhelming.

What say you?


Divya Khosla Kumar At Gulshan Kumar Tribute

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Whoa! Just way to bright and bridal for an award show. She should have chosen one, either the blouse, the lehenga skirt or the dupatta (which are lovely pieces on it’s own). I almost feel the same way about Divya Khosla and Aishwarya Rai; gorgeous women but lacking fashion sense.

  2. In Tanjore you get a doll called Tanjore dancing girl or “Thanjavur bommai” as its called in Tamil, she looks UTTERLY gorgeous. Like a Tanjore bobbing doll, especially in the far right picture :))
    I LOVE the fire orange/red

    I am not a big fan of the sheer transparent blouse…. too “Bollywood” like (umm.. I know shes from Bollywood :p) but overall… great!!

  3. At first glance I thought it was Deepika. Divya is a mix of Deepika and Dia Mirza. As far as her dressing goes she is far behind. Coming to this look it is a pattu lehenga. I like her neck up with the classic tied up hair, gajra and jhumkas. But neck down not really liked it. While the pattu lehenga is nice, the blouse is totally bad as is the drape of the odni. These designers are ruining the classic traditional Langa Voni of South India.

  4. We see South Indian brides wearing equal amount of colour along with gold jewellery but still love breathtakingly beautiful. Here, due to the volume of the skirt and the cut of the blouse, it doesn’t work. Even with the same blouse fabric, short sleeves, a different neck would have made this much better.

  5. She is beautiful neck up!! Always ott while doing Indian wear. Neither of the three pieces in this outfit should be worn together. Never been a fan of Neeta Lulla’s designs. This proves again.

  6. A raw silk plain pink blouse (the same shocking pink i.e) or a raw silk orange blouse with the same shade would have elevated the look and made it look less busy.

  7. She is looking very pretty also the jewellery is complimenting her Indian style. Gehna Jewellers have such amazing designs that compliment all the looks


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