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Spotted Kate Beckinsale recently wearing the same lace dress that was worn by Katrina back in 2007. Is it me or do they both look quite similar…?

Kate Beckinsale @ L.A Beach, May 2008
Katrina @ “Partner” Screening, July 2007

P.S. We don’t know the dress yet but are looking for it! 😉

Juicy Couture Lace Dress

Update: “Vasun” helped us find it!! Thanks!

Another Update: “Raspberry” and “SExyDEvil”.. posted your link pics and more!

Mischa Barton In Green and White
Britney and Mischa
Debra Messing
Ashley Tisdale

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  1. I love the dress, its perfect for the summers-fresh and summerish. Late looks gorgeous in it though with all that money she is a season late in fashion terms.

  2. what a pretty dress!!
    and Kate does look like Katrina form this angle…but I think that Katrina is more beautiful 🙂
    Although, it is a bit funny that Katrina wore the dress to a premire and Kate wore it to a beach (in L.A. too…not the most glamourous crowd)

  3. smtym bk i saw Mischa Barton wearing the same outfit, showcasing strawberry blonde hair n luking absolutely gorgeous, will try n find it n incase u do thn pls put it up:)

  4. Katrina looks better IMO. And that outfit is just not for the beach. Way too much lace for the beach…no? And why does the dress look so LIMP on the model? IMO both Kate and Katrina carried off the dress much better than the model.

  5. @Naz…most girls DO have to shave/wax/laser their hair. Whilst us normal ppl can get away without doing it, and just wear pants, lol, celebs don’t have that luxury…lest photos of their legs get plastered everywhere!

    the dress looks horrible on the model…i would never have thought it would look good on anyone. but hey, im pleasantly surprised!

  6. i wonder why god didnt made us like other oriental people there skin is so wonderful and hairless whereas desi skin is really so hairyyyyy.

  7. nagina i feel your pain, my chinese friends have no hair, my white friends only have blond hair they have to shave once a month or once every two months, i feel like indian celebs only have to shave once a blue moon too, considering the way their legs look
    as for myself i can only waxx cuz shaving makes my hair thick and gives me dots


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