In Twos

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Whether grabbing dinner at a fancy local restaurant or when just headed home post work (and not workout), can always count on Disha to keep things consistent.

Disha Patani

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. These aren’t great looks by any means. But. Does this young woman deserve such consistent ridicule?
    I’ve been a long-time reader, easily a decade, but of late, I’m getting increasingly uncomfortable with the slut-shaming, mocking slant to a lot of posts here, and in the comments section too.

    Can we not keep it to just the clothes/fashion, without casting aspersions? It’s possible to critique without being cruel, surely?

    • Thank you Saki. I had made a resolution not to comment on these pages – just because of how things became so personal and down to the lowest common denominator. How are people on these pages any different from the trolls on instagram and twitter, then?

    • Had much the same thought. I don’t care for the clothes but hey you are young just once and going to look fine in most anything so might as well. What even is the point in tut tutting over the fashion sense of young women – it just adds to an existing culture of constant scrutiny and criticism.

    • Personally, I never have seen slut shaming done by PnP. Even when their tastes differ so much from the said celebrity, they try n maintain certain standards. N then, they are called out for not having an opinion.
      Here Disha was called out for having a consistent style which is true – it’s either mid riff baring or something short. I have never seen her doing anything different. So what’s wrong in saying that she sticks to her style mantra!

      • I think Saki’s comment was about some of the people posting here. Not P&P.
        I agree that P&P are always respectful and never comment based on body shape, age or skin color. I especially love how they don’t critique wedding outfits. It’s a sweet touch.

    • Yeah, this was, at the very least, snarky. I’m a long-time reader too, but have stopped commenting, because I think I’m just enabling HHC’s complicity in allowing the comment section to be all of what you have said and more.

  2. Youth is beautiful! Crop tops , mini skirts and lovely skin.. to me, they all (the young lot) look good no matter what they wear ! Reminds me of my own college days when i used to live life through rose tinted glasses.

    And I don’t see any disrespectful comments , or trolling anyone.. I have been on hhc for years, and PnP promptly delete any such comments that go south

  3. Disha is a athletic and super fit and might I add physically STRONG girl. I think that makes her look good. And she keeps her face very minimal which ties well with her look. I find more attractively dresses than say Sara in Neon Mini and jacket .

  4. I love how she maintains her body and skin. But never cared much for her sartorial choices. Not liking both the looks.

    That aside, have been following this blog from when they started up. Over a decade now! Have never noticed P&P shaming anyone based on clothing choices, make up or body type. I respect them for that. The reason why i’ve stayed an ardent fan for this long. As a rule, they do not comment on brides as well. It is quite commendable that they maintain the decorum of this space even after so many years. Kudos P&P.


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