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Crop-tops and activewear aficionado, Disha Patani was spotted leaving a popular restaurant in Mumbai recently. Neither the choice of adding a sparkly choker to the look, nor the pairing of sneakers that disappear in to the pants make much sense to us, but that’s us. Yes she has a signature style, but wish Ms. Patani wouldn’t paint herself in to such a narrow corner… Would love to see her do something different, and it doesn’t even have to be too much outside of her comfort zone.

Disha Patani

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I can’t figure those pants out. What are those?? A simple white tee might have been much better/casual. The crop top makes it Incomplete. If she loves them so much she should invest in some crop tops that don’t look like a basic bra.
    I have nothing against crop tops but they need to be better designed?

  2. Sorry, but Ms. Patani has no ‘style’ – you cannot call sports bras and pajamas style – this look hurts my eyes. And that choker is a joke – like something she forgot to take off after coming back from a party and slipping into these clothes.

  3. Well.. the colour is bad.. the pants are bad .. the Pearl necklace looks out of place .. I don’t think that she was expecting to get photographed.

    I normally stick to commenting on posts that I really like but this one , in my opinion, would be a WTtthhhey.

  4. Wtf did i just see? My eyes my eyes!

    Bring back the WTHeyyyyy n hand it to this girl!

    I understand you know you have the best body in Bollywood but do you need to have the thrashiest fashion sense too?


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