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Disha helped launch an adventure park wearing separates from Narendra Kumar Ahmed with lace up boots. I wasn’t a fan of this part biker/part Princess Jasmine look but it definitely was one of her better appearances. Did you like instantly?

Disha Patani

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  1. it’s like someone blindfolded her and she picked up clothes at random. only explanation for a top half dressed for night out in town and the bottom half for a magic carpet.

  2. Seriously WTH?! More like trashy Princess Jasmine.
    I want those shoes destroyed…how ugly. Also, why can’t she find anything to wear on top of her sports bra?

  3. If this is one of her better appearances, then it is time for her to do some introspection.
    Just looking at a full length mirror for 2 minutes will do!!

  4. Scrolling down … before seeing the pants fit blow thigh length, I was ok but after that … well I feel what everyone is feeling. In addition the hair from the pony tail should be moved back like Adriana does hers … on shoulder … from both side it looks messy.

  5. God!! if this is one of her better appearances please spare us the not so good ones. Ms clueless as always, right from hair, makeup to whatever it is that she is wearing everything is laugh inducing.


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