1. This isn’t an outfit to be worn casually outside. It belongs to a sporting field or on the couch with a movie and popcorn. It’s weird that they’re wearing it like high fashion.

    • Actually this look doesn’t work over there too . Who plays sports with such big hair , don’t you tie up all your hair when you are actually on the field? And on the couch too , don’t most of us hang out in a top knot? This look with such well madeup hair and a sweatshirt doesn’t work ANYWHERE…

  2. Who is her stylist?? Anushka was still better with tied hair and longer dress. This look with the big hair is such a mismatch!

    • Absolutely, on Anushka it is well a tad bit bearable.

      Disha on the other hand brings her own flavour of unadulterated tackiness and makes the top far shorter for maximum skin show.. Plus the threads hanging from wherever looks so gross. Can’t imagine they step out in public looking like this

  3. Am I the only one who gets real upset seeing a post with her name in the title itself? It’s like I know if I scroll below, I won’t be able to Unsee it.
    Sigh, here’s hoping!

  4. Those weird white threads hanging from under her “outfit” are really unnerving. I am glad you told us there were denim shorts underneath.

  5. This is truly a style choice, I can not comprehend? It may be high fashion but I do not see it! Its like their feet and bodies are in winter but their legs are in summer!!


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