An Almost Ditto!

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Asin was spotted wearing an embellished version of the Gavin Miguel dress seen on Tabu first at the Filmfare Awards this year. Do we even have to specify which version we like better? ๐Ÿ˜›

For more pics of the Asin event, go here.


Left: Tabu at Filmfare Awards 2009
Right: Asin at ‘Dinner With Asin’ Event

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  1. I dont know, but somehow, there is always something about Asin that is very off-putting. Most times its the tacky clothes, or the tacky make-up. Its a shame really, because she is otherwise so pretty.
    On the otherhand, i love Tabu! And this gown looks divine on her.

  2. ooo at the iifa also asin wore the same dress widout the emblishment..u ppl even had a post for that..but asin wore it diferently then..i mean she din cross the straps…

  3. once again, even a pretty girl like Asin can’t compete with Tabu
    Tabu just looks fabulous in clothes. Period.
    Although, I prefer the non-blinged-out version better anyways.

  4. Of late, Tabu has been looking like quite a stunner! She was always beautiful but seemed to be doing the “girl next door” thing with her image. Perhaps the Vogue cover and her subsequent appearanaces have showcased the fact that she has become this lithe and graceful swan! She can teach these newbies a thing or too about effortless grace and beauty! Did you catch her interview in the TOI supplement a few weeks ago–it was great!

  5. Tabu has the height and body to carry a maxi dress really well. Love the colour. ITs is not very dull, yet very mild.
    As for Asin… she needs to go low on that make up… And she doesnt have to always wear bright colours. She should try some pastel shades.
    Less is more Asin… try it!

  6. Asin’s makeup is WAY to pageant-y…I think she looks the best natural. Her dress also belongs in a pageant! Tabu looks beautiful, and the dress looks best plain like that

  7. @ stuti – you’re right. I don’t know what it is about her. I think its the foundation and powder… she’s dusky but she always paints herself. also I don’t like when she purses her lips like that when she smiles ๐Ÿ˜› she should show teeth because her smile is her biggest asset!

  8. tabu could look gorgeous and graceful even in a jute sack. poor asin needs to sack her make up person. the overloaded make up is eeeeks.

  9. what the hell is wrong with u guys? ASIN LOOKS GORGEOUS IN THIS BLUE DRESS!!! I AM NOT EVEN A FAN OF HER…but seriously, it’s pretty obvious asin looks wayyyyyyyy stunning than tabu.

    Tabu looks so plain by the way she looks. only advantage for her is she is tall. that’s all.




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